Sometimes, waiting inside the airport is inevitable. Luckily the airport in Cancun has a lot of duty free shops and restaurants where you can hang out! And of course, places to change your money for pesos.

Duty Free Shops are awesome

Duty free shops are retail business that do not apply taxes or fees to any of their products. At the airport in Cancun, these shops can be found in the international area where anyone who isn’t flying nationally can access.

In these shops, you can find many goodies that range from popular magazines to cigar houses, some of Mexico’s finest tequila plus anything you want to snack on while waiting and a few souvenirs!

Airport In Cancun

Restaurants at the airport in Cancun

There are several restaurants installed at the airport in Cancun where you can enjoy a nice meal before leaving Cancun!

At terminal 2, right after you go through security screening you will enter a free service and dining area with a snack bar and many coffee shops.

At terminal 3 there are also many options you can choose from to enjoy a delicious snack or full meal.

You can also find many restaurants in the main area where everyone is allowed to visit. Most of the restaurants at the airport in Cancun are open from 6am to midnight!

Money Exchange at fair rates

There are many exchange houses inside the airport, usually these offer a fair rate of exchange so we highly recommend you change your currency here!

Terminal 3 money exchange houses are open until 9pm, terminal 2 is open until 10pm! The official currency is the Mexican Peso. 1 US dollar is currently worth between 17 or 18 pesos, depending on how the stock market woke up.

Keep in mind that the Mexican laws on foreign currency state that you can only exchange a certain amount of money, so huge currency exchanges aren’t allowed. 

It is necessary to change your currency once you arrive in Mexico because most establishments don’t accept foreign currencies besides dollars. However if you wish to save yourself some money and get the best exchange rate, do it at the airport in Cancun while waiting for your hotel transfer!