Puerto Morelos Town

Puerto Morelos is known for being a village to the sea where the economy had led for several years by fishing. It is located 38.8 kilometers from Cancun.

The lifestyle brings to the city a bohemian and peaceful atmosphere, which seems to be attractive. Hotels that are within the town tend to be more accessible, and those sections of it are usually luxury with all inclusive plan.

What to do in Puerto Morelos.

The food usually served in restaurants in Puerto Morelos is that the same fishermen extract from the sea, so it is understood that the menu of restaurants extends in a long list of seafood dishes.

Other activities that can be performed in this municipality is the practice of snorkeling and diving in the Marine National Park.

Being a fishing community you have the opportunity to practice sport fishing.

Finally, if you love the contact with nature and adventure in Puerto Morelos numerous ecotourism excursions are offered. Which consist of tours travel on mountain bikes, quad bike, swimming in cenotes, zip lining, among other recreational activities.

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