Cancun Airport Terminals

So many passengers need a strong, efficient and above all, spacious infrastructure. Cancun airport has three terminals and it is expected that in 2018 the fourth terminal, which will receive national and international arrivals, is completed.

location of the terminals in the airport

Cancun Airport Terminal One


It is used for domestic flights, which are normally come from North America. This terminal also includes local charter flights; it is the smallest of all the Cancun airport.


It is used for international airlines as well as domestic and charter flights. It is the best location terminal being situated in the center of the airport, has a total of 31 gates. It is the only terminal that has aeromexico the VIP room, “Premier Hall”.

Cancun Airport Terminal Two
Cancun Airport Terminal Three


It is practically the new terminal at Cancun airport since it opened in March 2016 and will handle international flights from North America and Europe.
It has a total of 16 gates and like the other terminals offers restaurants, shops, customs and immigration.


It is anticipated that in 2018 the fourth terminal is ready. Which will increase the mobilization in a domestic and international way, offering passengers a wider range of travel options and connectivity with more countries.

In total, the first three terminals are 54 gates and is expected at the end of the first part of Terminal 4, a total of up to 25 million passengers per year will be received, as the work is completed in 2020 the total amount to 32 million passengers.

Services in terminals Cancun International Airport

All three terminals have services to make the stay of the much safer and enjoyable passengers:

  • Safety measures and preventive necessary for excellent performance
  • Unlimited Internet
  • Ramps, elevators and bathrooms for the disabled packaging machine for bags
  • Security service and 24-hour medical
  • ATMs
  • Bathrooms
  • Pharmacies
  • Public phones

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