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Luggage and clothing ad hoc for Cancun and Riviera Maya

We suggest you to mark your luggage, that way, at would be easy to recognize in bands.

Much depends on the months you’re visiting us, but generally we have a very hot and humid weather, we suggest you to include in your luggage a change -elegant casual clothes to enjoy a delicious dinner, comfortable shoes for walking through the jungle and safe ones in slippery places for tours or visits to the city, a light sweater at night because you may feel a constant breeze in the streets, the air conditioning kept at very low temperatures.

Include hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, insect repellent would be helpful.


Due to the number of foreign visitors in Cancun and Riviera Maya most of its facilities receive US dollars, so it is not necessary to change all your money into pesos… You can do this for tips or a taxi or buy a bottle of water or something unforeseen, in most establishments accept debit and credit cards:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express

Not all establishments is accepted if your payment will be card ask before service starts).


Cancun and Riviera Maya are characterized as places most visited and where now live foreigners of different nationalities. Many of them are owners of food and beverage establishments typical of their countries, so we can find all kinds of food for all tastes and budgets.

Something we recommend as been in Mexico is to try their delicious Mexican dishes, because of the region where we can enjoy a delicious lime soup, roasted chicken or papadzules and enjoy a fresh ceviche of fish to the shore sea and much more … Of course, be careful with Montezuma’s revenge!!! Tequila and spiciness, try not to exceed and … Enjoy our delicious Mexican flavors! Cheers!

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