In either case, is mandatory to submit the following documents in the filter immigration review:

  • Passport or national identity card in force.
  • MMF duly completed.
  • Hotel reservation ticket, return or onward ticket or itinerary just in case of have hired a tour itinerary.
  • Letter from foreign company that is responsible of representing traveler written in Spanish, in which is expressed that such person is employed by the company and the remuneration so paid services in Mexico will run on your own.
  • Letter from the public institution or organization in which comes wrote an invitation to visitor to participate in any unpaid job in Mexican territory, which must state the reason for the trip and its duration. If the institution will cover any costs arising from the trip, you will also have to attach a letter which contain this responsibility.
  • Acceptance or invitation letter from a Mexican educational institute in which the interested has been selected to participate in any activity or course, or to participate in a research project for a maximum period of 80 days.

lost or stolen passport.

If you are on vacation in Mexico and your passport is stolen, lost or destroyed, you must locate your consulate or embassy’s offices to help you with the inconvenient and help you get a new Passport so you can return to your country.

Entry requirements for underage

Underage passengers must travel with a valid passport at least 6 months. In the event of minors are traveling without their parents or guardian, it will then …

Identify the child as a solo traveler with an “Children or adolescent output authorization” document.

The person documenting the child at the airport counter must have a letter certifying the authorization of the child to leave home.

All underage passengers must travel with a passport in your name, valid for at least 6 months. In the event of minors or adolescents are traveling without their parents or guardian:

Parents or legal guardian, the child and the responsible passenger must be submitted in advance at the offices of the INM to identify fully with the documents of an “Children or adolescent output authorization”

In the event that parents or guardian can not be at the IMN’s offices: the person documenting the child at the airport counter, must submit a notarized letter certifying that the child is allowed to leave home either alone or with a third party.

Clarification: If the notarized letter is issued abroad, must be translated into Spanish and apostilled.

All children under age foreigners to enter Mexico were granted the status of stay of visitors (tourists in Mexico), not required to present to their output any of the authorizations mentioned below.
Fill out the form online and print 3.

Each form must be attached:

  • Child’s passport copy
  • Child’s birth certificate copy
  • Copy of official identification of the person exercising underage’s custody
  • Current child’s passenger official identification copy
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