Cancun Airport Flight Connections

These flights are those arriving at Cancun airport, only to scale to another destination, these flights are the sole responsibility of the airline. The airport is outside and exempt from any liability in such flights.

With connecting flights we can save money and this is because direct flights are more expensive. Connecting flights are a must when it comes to very long trips or when there are no terminals at your destination. You should be very aware of how many connections you are taking and that you have enough time to be able to be transported to the next plane, because sometimes it´s in another terminal.
In order to make your connecting flights successful, you must calculate the hours between each flight to be on time for boarding.

flight connections

Recommendations for connecting flights

  • Make sure you have enough time between flights, it would be advisable to have at least two hours to reach the new terminal and make documentation.
  • Prepare all necessary to go through immigration and customs documentation for (if the flight is international).
  • If flights are from different airlines, you should request your luggage to the first flight to document it in the connecting flight.
  • Always keep in touch with your airline authorized personnel, so ensure support if required.
  • Weekends and peak hours are very busy, so we recommend you always get enough time both to document to go through customs and immigration (if applicable)
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