Cancun Airport General Information

Parking lot


Each terminal of Cancun International Airport has parking and are located opposite each terminal accesses. It counts with 24-hour security.

The cost per hour of parking is $ 35.00 pesos and be a little more of that time are charged $ 7.00 extra weights. If you want to park a vehicle, the approximate daily rate is between $ 165.00 to $ 210 pesos (from the sixth hour).

Internet WIFI


Prodigy Mobile is the wireless internet provider for all passengers at the Cancun airport, so you can connect from anywhere in the room.

VIP Lounge

Cancun International Airport is the second largest in Mexico (the first is the Mexico City International Airport), despite being the second most important is the one with most receiving international flights.

The turnout of people at the terminals is often overwhelming, and to escape the crowds, is possible to find a total relaxation area. The VIP Lounge is a great think to accomplish tasks and find a little peace.

VIP lounge services Airport Cancun are available in Terminal 3 at a time of 8:00 am and 9:00 pm, just after airside security and the lounge is only for passenger international flights.

Services that can be found are:

  • Unlimited Internet / Wi-Fi
  • Conference
  • Informational Displays
  • Newspapers and magazines
  • Massage chairs
  • Area Children
  • Health
  • Handicapped access
  • Canapes
  • Drinks
  • Phones

It can also be found another VIP lounge in Terminal 2 which has the same services and office schedule, this room is located after airside and security behind the stairs with departures scheduled flights.

It is worth mentioning that most services in executive rooms, telephone and fax are granted on extra charges. This because they are independent airport services.

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