Cancun Archaeological Sites

If you thought Cancun is no more than beaches, clubs and tour around the city, you must not know all the options the city and state of Quintana Roo has to offer:


From 138.4 kilometers from Cancun and 72.4 kilometers from Playa del Carmen are the ruins of Tulum.

They are the only ones in Mexico that sit on the seashore. Its most emblematic structure is called “castle”, a spiritual place where the Mayan civilization watched the seasons change through the crossing of the sun through the three holes on the back of the castle.

The beaches that shares the archaeological site is considered by National Geographic as one of the twenty-five most beautiful beaches in the world.


It is located in the middle of a jungle. It is notable for its complex system of capturing rainwater in all its buildings and driveways. The main building is the “Templo de los Mascarones”, one of the most significant of Quintana Roo.

This archaeological site is located in Escarcega Chetumal, capital of Quintana Roo.

El Rey

It is located in the hotel zone in Cancun, opposite Playa Delfines. It is an archaeological site of pre-Columbian culture. Despite decades traveled, today can be found cave paintings reflected in extensive murals on the walls of some ruins. The murals depict a kind of representation of kings and other important people in the old community of this place.

El Rey (the King) does not extend for several kilometers as other Mayan cities. With the passage of time has reached a large population of iguanas who have adopted this archaeological site as home.

These are just some of the ancient Mayan cities that Quintana Roo has, since there are many more.

If you want to know more about Mayan culture and its archaeological sites, the Museum of Cancun in the Hotel Zone is an option where professionals in the field can clarify any doubts arising in your visit to the Museum.

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