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It’s true that Cancun is one of the most beautiful places in Mexico, but, what are you really looking for when you travel to these destinations? If you are looking for relaxation, forget about the work stress or spend a memorable moment with your family the Hotel Zone is the best option for you.

But if you prefer to immerse into the Mexican culture & folklore or learn about citizens lifestyle, their customs, gastronomy and many other factors that shape Mexican culture, you definitely should visit Cancun downtown where you will find interesting places, such as handcraft stores.

Mercado 28, is a place that looks like a street market where you can taste Mexican dishes (maybe you will also find dishes from other countries) and buy souvenir and typical cloth from the Peninsula of Yucatan.

In Cancun’s downtown you will appreciate the architecture of a variety of monuments that represents the mexican essence.

Prices for some services in the downtown are cheaper compared to the Hotel Zone, so is a good option if you want to spend less money.

If you have to visit Cancun city for business or just for pleasure, resting in the city center is a excellent idea, it’s only 12 kilometers from Cancun International Airport.

Just as in the Hotel Zone in the downtown there are a variety of excellent hotels and more accessible ranging from three to five stars. Some of them are:

  • Ibis Hotel
  • Ramada Cancún City
  • City Express
  • One Cancún Centro
  • Oasis America
  • LQ Hotel by La Quinta Cancún

There are a total of 98 hotels in downtown Cancun.

Approximate prices of accommodation per night are between $ 839.00 MXN ($ 45.30 USD) and $ 2 042.00 MXN ($ 111.89 USD) depending on the type of room you choose.

The hotels are located in different parts of the city so it is very likely to find a great site that meets your needs.

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