Need VISA to travel to Mexico?

This visa can only be processed in Mexico and only to users who have the following documentación:

Temporary residence: Such a condition authorizing foreigners to reside in the country for no more than 4 years. At this time, the citizen has rights to work and to enter and leave the country as often as necessary.

Temporary Resident Education: It authorizes foreigners to remain in the country for education in any educational institution belonging to the national education system.

Permanent residence: This bring permit to foreigners to get permanent residence in Mexico with the right to work.

There are three types of exceptional cases where the foreign citizen can apply for a work visa in Mexico even if you have previously entered the country as a tourist:

Foreign citizen has a direct family link to a foreigner who already have a residence permit in the country.

Foreign citizen has a direct family link one someone of Mexican nationality.

Foreign citizen marries a person of Mexican nationality during their stay as a tourist

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