Cancun Airport Domestic Arrivals

Domestic flights arrive without exception to the terminal 2, after landing, go to the luggage area to pick up your belongings, the terminal’s output is very well pointed, so it will be very easy to find the way to go to the Mexican Caribbean.

At terminal’s exit you will find different transportation providers, if you already reserved this service, pay attention to posters, as it surely your name or surname comes in one of them.

If you do not have this service hired before arriving at the airport, you will find several transportations ways; is important to remember that regular cabs are not allowed to enter the airport so it is necessary to use any of these services.

domestic flights cancun

You will find several transportations ways

If you are on a connecting flight, there is a possibility that you need to change terminal, for this reason it is necessary to transfer you to the terminal where you will board your next flight, to not waste time, you can make use of free transportations between terminals, offered by Cancun international airport. Look out for bus stops.

After this small process you can enjoy the surprises that the Caribbean has for you, remember that the Cancun airport has different transportation services according to your needs, where you can choose the most convenient one for your destination.

If you take domestic flights regularly then you know the routine perfectly. After going through the bands to collect your luggage you must go to the transportation area, there you will find our transportation services that are designed to please you on the last step before you get to your hotel at the beach.

The most important thing is that with our transfers to cancun airport you will get the best service with the highest quality.

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