Cancun Airport Departures

Cancun International Airport Departures Information

Cancun International Airport Departures

On your return flight, you’ll have to arrive earlier to the airport. If your flight is national, we recommend arriving 2 hours before departure, if it’s international, we suggest 3 hours.

You must have your documents in order and in your hand: Boarding pass, official ID, passport and/or visa. These documents are necessary if you wish to document and board on schedule.

Some international flights requiere extra taxes that must be covered before leaving. Such requisite depends on your nationality and age. In some cases, the airline covers these taxes on the boarding pass cost.

In order to document, you must visit reception with your luggage in order. This means your luggage must not exceed weight limit and size according to your airline’s politics.

check in, airport departure & arrival information board sign

Once your luggage has been evaluated and you’ve documented, you must pass through the control posts where you will cross the metal detectors. These require that all passengers remove metal items such as belt buckles, rings and wrist watches along with any mobile or electronic device.

After the control post, you’ll arrive to the waiting area where we recommend you stay aware of your boarding time.

Have a safe trip!

Our transportation are International

All transportation services are available for international passengers, if you already have some transportation service reservation, you will find the service provider outside Cancun airport’s door. If you don’t, the section “service” will give you a bunch of service transportation options.

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