If you are planning to visit the Riviera Maya, you definitely check out around Cancun! Go around town, get to know the city; You can visit the most popular places in downtown and the hotel zone.

If you need help with your transportation, just send us a message! You can go shopping in the best malls and shops, Cancun offers a variety of places such as “Mercado 28” (Market 28), where you will find handcrafted souvenirs.

If you still don’t know where to shop, you should visit Plaza Flamingos. You can also go to the mirador and take amazing photos of the city beach and maybe then visit the Tequila Museum.

Sit back and relax while enjoying the Riviera Maya.


Enjoy the best of Cancún


Market 28, Handcrafted work by “CELSO”, located in Cancun’s downtown, highly demanding by tourists and locals. This place offers prices three times cheaper than Playa del Carmen and other malls that offer souvenirs. The prices are so cheap because most of the clients are locals, which means you’ll also receive local price.

You can find a lot of traditional mexican souvenirs here. Most of these souvenirs are actually handcrafted by local artisans!

You will have the freedom of walking around the Market 28 if you wish to do so. Try local tacos and buy some souvenirs! In the heart of Market 28, you’ll find Plaza Bonita, which resembles an old mexican estate with colorful architecture. It almost feels like you’re inside an ancient village!

Plaza Flamingo is located on KM 11.5 of the Hotel Zone. It offers high quality shopping and the prices are cheaper compared to other malls in the Hotel Zone, like Plaza Kukulcan or Plaza la Isla.

You will find a wide variety of handcrafted souvenirs, t-shirts with snappy comments and famous restaurants like Outback Steak House and good Ol’ Bubba Gump.

The Tequila Museum, located inside Plaza Kukulkan has over 400 tequila brands made in Mexico. Here you’ll have the opportunity to see how Tequila is made! From the agave plant to distillation and the drinking.

Tequila is by far one of the most important mexican products. World wide known, tequila is perfect for every occasion!

Plaza Kukulcan is without a doubt one of the most recognized malls in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. Known for its well-known brands and duty free prices. Whether you’re hoping to spend a lot of money on your shopping tour or not, you’ll have one of the greatest shopping experiences here since price ranges go from cheap to extremely cheap.

You also have the opportunity to see MUSA Underwater Museum. A museum located between Cancun and Isla Mujeres hosting over 500 handmade bioconcrete sculptures that recreate coral reefs and serves as home to more than 100 species!

Delfines Beach is one of the best places to take photos of the beach. You can swim without any problem in Delfines Beach and relax in the beautiful blue ocean.

Try out the different things to do in Cancun, you’ll never get bored!