The Cancun Airport is one of the busiest airports in the world, so do not be fooled by its size! Welcome to the entry point of the Mayan World, a true paradise.

Throughout the year, millions of people pass through the Cancun Airport! Both the Riviera Maya and Cancun receive an increasing amount of visitors each year thanks to it’s beautiful crystal clear beaches, 5 star luxury resorts and over all paradisiac experiences.

Almost every airline both international and charter have direct or connecting flights to Cancun every single day of the year. Currently, more than ever before, Cancun Airport is easy accessible for almost every nationality in the world.

First class shops, top of the line restaurants and elite services are found through the whole city! It’s also one of the most convenient airports to fly to and from in the country.

However, if you’re planning a visit to this paradise, there are 2 most common things you must know before booking that flight and packing your suitcase:


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What can I bring to Cancun?

Probably the most frequently asked question ever regarding Cancun Airport: From breast milk to animals, to meds, gift bags for weddings or such and more… If you’re visiting from any country of the world outside Mexico, there are some limitations.

This also applies to anything you want to take out of Mexico, however this is a customs matter and they are constantly changing the dos and don’ts so it’s best if you check this out with your nearest Mexican Consulate before you travel to Cancun. You can click here to check out where the Mexican Consulates of the world are.

What’s the best way to go from Cancun Airport to my hotel?

There’s an unlimited amount of websites, online tour services and other shady looking websites that offer transportation to and from the Cancun Airport, however we suggest you look into them since just a very small amount of companies are actually authorized to pick up and deliver passengers at our airport.

In addition, unlike many other airports around the world, there is no taxi line outside the airport, which means that your transportation to and from the Cancun Airport must be arranged prior to your arrival.

For your convenience, we can help you easily set up your transportation service right here! From Economical or shared service to private and luxury transportation, whatever suits your needs.

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We urge you to make sure you have everything settled prior to your trip so you can have a safe and enjoyable vacation without having to worry about small details such as transportation and tours!