Sometimes flight are delayed, this happens due to many different reasons, so here’s a list of what you can do while waiting at Cancun Airport.

Waiting for your flight at Cancun Airport

Waiting can be very boring and even anxiety inducing, so if you’re experiencing this at the Cancun Airport, try to keep yourself busy!

If the departure lounge in Cancun Airport is driving you crazy, here are 5 things you can do to ease the wait.

Take amazing photos

If you’re into photography, airports are great places to take photos! You can get to shoot beautiful pictures of planes, private jets and anything that crosses your lenses path!

You can also get that portrait portfolio you want by snapping the passersby or waiting people. Practice your framing skills and shed your inhibition, the airport is a great place to take photos of strangers and aircraft!

Enhance your observation skills

There are so many people at the Cancun Airport at any given time. It’s a huge mix of cultures, races, looks and more! In fact, there are many things you can learn from watching passersby. Your observation skills can come in quite handy for example, writing articles just as we are doing right now to tell you about what you can do while waiting at Cancun Airport!

Window shopping

There are many stalls, kiosks and duty free shops through out the Cancun Airport. If you’re taking an international flight then you’ll have access to some of the best duty free shops in the airport! You can get souvenirs, snacks, coffee and many more things at these shops and kiosks. For example that tequila bottle you wanted to take back to your dad or a friend? You can buy it at a duty free shop.

There are a few more things you can always do at the Cancun Airport like sleep or talk with strangers and of course, smart phone your eyes off as you wait! It depends on what you consider entertainment, just remember to stay calm, enjoy your time and you’ll soon be flying home!